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17 Jun 2017
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FIFA 14 - Why We Can Never Get Tired Of It


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Posted By Belinda A.

FIFA is back with a bang! For years EA's franchise has dominated the football gaming world. And FIFA 14 lives up to its expectations with its realism, detail and amazing gameplay.

FIFA 14 Features

FIFA 14 has no difference to that of FIFA 13 in terms of features. There isn't any introduction of new game modes; as a result you'll see that the Ultimate Team is back, so is the Standard Quick Play and Multiplayer, along with the Career mode.

Ultimate Team is almost the same, whether you love it or hate it. The aim of Ultimate Team is to choose your team based on chemistry, to create a playing unit based on something more than just raw ability and stats. It is hard to emotionally connect with your randomly assembled team, and since the mode had been a hit, EA decided to keep it.

The Career Mode is much talked about, which benefits from several improvements that make management easy. The earlier versions of FIFA made scouting for players a chore. However, the updated interface makes it much easier to send out your scouts, which gives more time for playing.

You can also play co-op seasons with other pairs over multiplayer in FIFA 14, but nearly all the changes are in the gameplay itself. Buy PlayStation 3 to experience the realism FIFA 14 offers, which is the main focal point of the game. Added physics and AI in just about every department has given FIFA 14 an additional boost.

FIFA 14: Teams

In FIFA 14 the line-up of teams is as comprehensive as ever. Its intensity of detail remains the game's greatest strengths till date.

In its Legends feature, more emphasis is given on classic teams. But this is on hold until you buy FIFA 14 PS4 which is awaiting its launch. So till that time, it's the standard line-up for players. Player likenesses are still to some extent a mixed bag. Chelsea's Oscar looks extremely realistic which makes the game even more fun to play.

FIFA 14: Menus

There has been a dramatic change in the menu system which somewhat resembles the Xbox home screen. It's a little overwhelming initially, but it makes navigating menus quick and easy. The best use of the new menus can be seen in Career Mode, where it is simple to access a host of options right from transfers to tactics.

FIFA 14: Gameplay

Any FIFA player knows that slight changes have huge effect on a game and any FIFA fan will look for to the game with equal excitement.

EA has added a small dose of realism to the game to make it come to life. This time it's all about physics - the player's movement and his balance is even more sensitive and it has dramatic effects on their ability to control the ball. In FIFA 14, the players will be seen adjusting their step - the feature dubbed as Precision Movement in action.

Weight of the players is also taken into account and now the smaller players can no longer have the same physical mass as the huge players in the game. There is also a change in the ball physics where shooting is completely dependent on the players' position and balance.

The rhythm of the game is an extremely enjoyable product of the new features which makes for some more tense encounters. The authentic crowd songs generate spine-tingling atmosphere. Buy FIFA 14 to watch the stadium echo with 'Wind in the Player's Sails' and 'You'll never walk alone' which makes playing football a memorable experience.

Overall, FIFA 14 is an evolutionary update within the existing structure of FIFA 13. With FIFA 14, everyone's favorite football franchise remains at the top of the league. With realistic environment and fantastic features, playing football on a gaming console will never be the same as FIFA 14 promises to keep you entertained.

Comments (4)

By Pedro F. on JUN 21 2017 @ 9:20AM

It's funny how I love playing soccer on my PS, but other than that, I have very little interest in it.

By Fina H. on JUN 19 2017 @ 3:23PM

EA makes another great achievement.

By Jerry W. on JUN 19 2017 @ 1:19PM

You don't have to be a soccer player or fan to like this game.

By Ricardo W. on JUN 18 2017 @ 4:02PM

There was a game just called Soccer II, by a company called Human, and it was a great one. FIFA of course is a great franchise, but it's good to remember that other games from the past have done well on the fun factor too.

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