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16 Jun 2017
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An Introductory Guide to The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii


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Posted By Aida F.

Nintendo Wii's critically acclaimed video game franchise, Legend of Zelda returns, with it's newest title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This game will be an adventure title which includes puzzle-solving ingredients, and was created exclusively for the Wii console. The game utilizes the Wii MotionPlus that provides the player better motion control over Link (the game's leading character) when sword-fighting as well as carrying out various other activities.

This game is a prequel to the events in Ocarina of Time, and Skyward Sword puts you in the shoes of a teenage Link that was raised within the kngdom of Skyloft, a group of islands floating above the clouds. At some point Link locates the famous Skyward Sword, which allows him to travel back and forth between Skyloft and the kingdom on the ground, that is being ruled by evil forces. Throughout The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword there are numerous settings to explore, right from soaring through the clouds, down to exploration on the ground as well as dungeon exploration. Also you will be able to journey throughout the gaming environment by flying on top of your massive bird.

Skyward Sword delivers many brand-new game innovations, that gives Skyward Sword a refreshingly distinct look and feel than earlier games in the Zelda series.


Superior Motion Detection - Making use of the Nintento Wii RemotePlus provides improved motion detection to ensure that every thrust, slice and parry the player can make while using the Wii controller will be precisely translated into sword movements in the game. This provides by far the most realistic sword-fighting experiences associated with a game ever, and you will discover that different opponents requires totally different sword fighting techniques.

Motion Control a Variety of Items - Aside from sword-fighting, you will be able to use motion control to execute actions with a variety of equipment, through firing various bows, using a whip, making use of a slingshot, tossing bombs and maneuvering an artificial flying beetle that can be utilized to collect equipment from a distance.

Intense Puzzle-Solving - As gamers travel through harsh wastelands, forests and volcanic areas they are required to solve a variety of puzzles, get over obstacles and steer clear of deadly pitfalls. Dungeon sections will give you even more puzzles to solve and are defended by evil adversaries.

Item Enhancements and Incentives to Earn - Throughout Link's adventure he can acquire a large selection of items that may be employed to upgrade weaponry as well as equipment.

Distinctive Visual Style - Skyward Sword features a new graphical style, and this kind of vibrant artistic style perfectly matches the fantastical atmosphere of the game.

The actual release date for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is scheduled for 18th Nov, 2011, and will be available exclusively for Wii. This title will be published by Nintendo, and the video game was developed by Nintendo EAD. Multi-player is not included in the game. This video game has a PEGI 12 rating, that means it will be suitable for ages 12 and higher.

Comments (4)

By Wilbert G. on JUN 20 2017 @ 3:00PM

Zelda has always done a great job of integrating the puzzle and logic games into the overall flow of the story. That's one of the things I like about it.

By Vance H. on JUN 18 2017 @ 10:00AM

I think that A Link to the Past will go down in history as one of the all time great games, especially for the time that it was released.

By Suzanne L. on JUN 17 2017 @ 11:22AM

Zelda is the best game series ever. I've had so many good times playing it ever since the original on NES.

By Desiree C. on JUN 17 2017 @ 7:05AM

Can't wait to play this game.

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