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3 Jun 2017
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Using Apples to Teach Memorable Lessons to Young Children


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Posted By Monte G.

There are many great lessons for young children that involve using apples. They are inexpensive but a wonderful visual tool.

Here are 4 great lessons you can present to your students.

#1 - Who can forget the wonderful story of Johnny Appleseed? This talks about John Chapman and his pioneer explorations.

Not only did he help people but he taught them to plant seeds for apples around many locations. You can bring some apple seeds to the class too for them to see.

#2 - Dr. Seuss has a book called Ten Apples Up on Top. This can be a great story to read to them. However, as you go through the story with the various animals there are opportunities for counting.

You can let your kids class count out loud as they enjoy the story. The apples should add up to ten as each new segment of the story unfolds. This will be a story that your youngsters will ask you to read to them again and again.

#3 - Exploring birds is a great classroom activity. They can create an apple bird feeder from an apple for the students to hang up outside the classroom. To start with, each student will need an apple core.

It is fun to let the kids save the core from an apple that they had for a snack. Next show the kids how to spread peanut butter over the apple core. A fun step comes next as the students roll the peanut covered apple core in bird seed that will stick to it. Then they can use yarn to hang the apple cores on trees outside for the birds to enjoy.

#4 - Apples are great to cut up into wedges and used in the classroom. The children can use them to learn counting. You can also introduce to the students the idea of fractions. These kinds of lessons for young children give them a visual illustration of ideas and that makes the learning something they can enjoy catch onto quickly.

Comments (3)

By Hattie T. on JUN 7 2017 @ 6:01AM

Dr. Suess is great!

By Gerald M. on JUN 5 2017 @ 9:05PM

One of the great things about being a kid is all the great stories and nursury rhymes. The mention of Jonny Appleseed brings back those fond memories.

By Homer L. on JUN 4 2017 @ 9:07AM

They make a healthy snack when you're done too :)

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